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Anonymous asked: I know it's random but I like the way you seem to handle conversation so I was wondering, what are your thoughts on cheating?

Well, I know people will eye roll towards me but I think cheating in relationships has a bigger picture than just shady acts. I personally think healthy relationships require standards and honesty. But on that note, I know multiple people don’t share that quality. Cheating to most means being unfaithful, without realizing the comfort it should hold. A lot of people are stuck in abusive relationships that to the bone they don’t feel they can escape. People are unhappy and are scared someone elses well being will be jeopardize if they make the positive choice for themselves. People self sabotage to bring the hate towards them they feel they deserve. It’s a deep problem. All this is bigger than “oh they betrayed me”. Yeah that is the simple case to some people. But I for one don’t think emotions are a one track thing. If someone goes against a relationship that has expectancy than they always blame the other person. The one in the relationship is the one breaking some sort of ground rule. I don’t think slut shaming the other party who took place solves the problem. I don’t think excusing the person who might have hurt you solves the problem. I think in the long run everyone has a deep down core reason to do what they do. If you give them the chance to explain that then listen. If you see them manipulate and distract from that then leave them. Do whatever makes you feel better and realize you don’t need to burn others down to do so.  

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feeble weapon by Ryan Ford
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I am so happy to be alive during the selfie revolution. You are so cute and thank you for letting everyone in to share that moment of babelyness with you. Never stop, bby you’re a star.

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